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0005496USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-02-04 17:582020-10-31 12:41
0005496: GBU-12 do not hit target
At this video, i dropping GBU-12 from A-29 in a target which being marked by a drone. Only 1 bomb from 4 has reached marked target.

https://youtu.be/ZCFCIS2DKZ8 [^]

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2020-02-04 18:07   
for now you have to use more steppy (stuka like) approach since bombs generally have tendency to glide - http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=5241 [^]
2020-02-04 18:55   
But they must maneuver.
2020-03-26 15:53   
It engine feature, because vanilla bombs glide also.
2020-03-30 01:39   
I can confirm this issue. I do not believe it is user error because bombs consistently hit the same place relative to the laser. You can hit targets by offsetting the laser by the amount that it consistently misses by.
2020-03-30 07:48   
@Analogy - it's engine error as I mentioned in first comment under this ticket
2020-03-30 11:42   
This is a different issue from the way that the bombs glide.

On one of my unit's servers, running Altis, GBUs are 100% reliable. On our other servers, running various third party maps, GBUs will hit a point that is offset from the laser by a consistent amount, consistent enough that you can achieve hits by simply aiming the laser off the target by the correct amount.
2020-03-30 13:10   
Can you record video? It would be way different issue than the ticket is describing though
2020-05-14 21:12   
My group tested it and in the same server, same game, same time. Some people had it, some people didn't.
2020-10-23 15:43   
(edited on: 2020-10-23 15:44)
https://youtu.be/3peIPyqhlXE [^] Here I am dropping 4 rhs gbu and 2 vannila ones.
The rhs gbus start searching too late and do not maneuver enough and miss the target.

2020-10-23 17:42   
"The rhs gbus start searching too late " searching for targets is height dependent so it's quite logical that vanilla bombs are going to start seeking for targets earlier if they are dropping faster. RHS bombs have different ballistic properties so dropping both BIS & RHS bombs in one go could result in different impact points.

However, RHS bombs indeed seems to lack manoeuvrability in the last seconds of flight so it's definitely something to investigate
2020-10-31 12:41   
tried to tweak params and it seems ok for me now