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0000054USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-12-08 15:462015-01-03 00:14
0000054: U.S. HMMWV view models are inaccurate and hinders player's FOV
Every variant of HMMWV in RHS is flawed in that the units sit too high in the vehicles, causing the windscreen frame and side window frames to obscure the players' FOV. You can visibly see passenger/driver heads poking up through the roof of the vehicle. The issue is made worse by driving on any terrain that isn't flat, going up and down hills cause the units in the vehicle(s) to lose even more FOV as the window frames are in the way even more due to the angle of the vehicle, and where the unit(s) need to look to be able to see out the windscreen. The side windows are nearly impossible to see anything out of unless they are within 5 meters. Additionally, the windscreen does something weird where the light illuminates the windscreen so much that it can be nearly impossible to see what's in front of you when it's sunny.

I should note that the HMMWV variants that are topless don't experience this issue as much, as there are no side windows and less frame to obscure the unit's FOV altogether.
Steps aren't really necessary here, to reproduce: Get in any US HMMWV variant, observe the issues detailed in the description. (Poor FOV, sunlight making it hard to see out of windscreen, driving on angled terrain making FOV worse, useless side windows.
I think this could be fixed by simply lowering the height at which the units sit within the vehicles, although I'm sure doing so is a bit more complicated than it sounds when I suggest it.
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It was fixed today ;)