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0004532USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-30 07:292018-08-30 08:17
0004532: Wrong axes of vehicle antenna animations
Seems that vehicle antennas have turned 90 degrees memory points of axes. Tested with HMMWV and M1237. When I turn with the vehicle, antennas lean forward or backward, not sideways.
In addation I suggest to switch negative and positive values of angle0 and angle1 in model.cfg, because with right memory points of axes antennas lean wrong side.
Furthermore maybe it would be better to tweak min. and maxvalue of "gmetery" for better effect.
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which vehicle are you talking about? There are like 50 vehicles this trick and some of them are using a little bit modified configs. For example gmeter source is pretty much dependent on physx setting (including fake acceleration on start) so it's something that need to be tweaked per vehicle

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I don't remember the specific type of HMMVW but it was one unarmed classic version of USMC-W and M1237 with M2 of USMC-W.
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alright, I will take a look at it later