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0004530USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-29 18:452019-08-21 10:49
0004530: Add (two) IHADSS Helmets as a default cargo on the Apache
Since the current Apache implementation on RHS:USAF requires having an "IHADSS Helmet" in order to have the "HMD" available while flying the Apache, I believe it would be a good idea to add two (2) IHADSS Helmets in the default cargo on the Apache (one intended for the pilot and the other for the gunner). This IMO would have/bring the following advantages:

1- In missions where the designer puts the Apache on the map/mission but didn't put (or forget to put) any IHADSS Helmet on weapons crates and the pilot's default load doesn't have the IHADSS Helmet than the player(s) wouldn't be left without having the IHADSS/HDU/HMD while flying the Apache in these conditions/missions.

2- It could/should even be more "realistic" because IHADSS/HDU is something that you attach to your helmet (instead of being a full helmet) and which by its turn is attached to the helicopter. Or resuming IHADSS (including HDU) is something that is carried by/inside the helicopter so IMO makes sense to have it available inside the helicopter as well.

I'm also aware that there's a drawback to this solution:
- While it should work fine on empty Apache helicopters (which in most missions seems to be the "default"), on missions where the player(s) or pilots start already inside the helicopter there will be 4 (four) IHADSS Helmets available inside the Apache helicopter.

So and anyway, this is more a suggestion than a request "per se".
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