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0004526: Missing Japanese localizations
This is happen with USAF, GREF and SAF too.
Switch to Japanese from Language setting.
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2018-08-28 15:59   
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Sorry to have kept you waiting so long on this.

We did attempt to add the JA localisation, and I've investigated why it hasn't made it in to the published mod:
Unfortunately we have some problems with integrating the strings for new Arma 3 languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish), because of the StringForge tool.

The team is instructed on using only Stringforge to publish the stringtable.xml, as a safeguard against creating formatting errors that break the whole .xml (it's very easy to make mistakes in a normal text editor).
However, language fields other than the original Arma 3 localisations (EN, FR, CS, ES, IT, DE, PT, PL, RU) are not supported by the tool yet.

As a result, any time JA, KO, ZH, TR strings are added in another tool like a text editor, StringForge removes them the next time someone used that tool to manage the string database. So it is creating a problem where we have multiple team members all editing the .xml with different tools.

We'll seek to have the stringforge tool updated with support for modern Arma 3 localisation. Hopefully then we will be able to successfully integrate your great work.

2018-08-30 04:53   
I'm okay, I hope to StringForge update will succeed.