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nonetweakhave not tried
0004510: AI and FFAR behaviour
If AI is pilot and player is gunner, maybe it is possible to make him stop shooting FFAR, once you fire ATGM and resume once ATGM hits target ? This FFAR salvo causes alot of shake and smoke around the target so you are unable to sucessfuly guide ATGM until pilot wastes all of his FFAR.
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2018-08-26 11:55   
There are no such parameters in game so it's unlikely something like that would be added anytime soon
2018-08-28 11:16   
Look, I wrote a workaround.

Its in the mission, inside a trigger.
Mods used only 4 RHS.

https://www.sendspace.com/file/of9xrq [^]

The principal is:

RHS helicopters have a weapon that is called DIRCM of some sort.
So as soon as I fire atgm, vehicle starts spam firing DIRCM for every half a second using BIS_fnc_fire, this stops the pilot from firing FFAR.
Then once ATGM missile is destroyed DIRCM spam stops and pilot resumes firing FFAR.
Is this good workaround or no ?