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0004443: Fighters radar only zoomed out to 3km
Despite F-22 having a detection range of about 22km against fighter targets, aswell as the Aim-120D having a range of 16km, the radar is zoomed out to 3km. This means that people who dont know the (difficult to find) controls for zooming out the radar will not be able to fight Beyond Visual Range battles. AI also seems to only shoot at 3km or less because of this.

The same is the case for the AFRF MiG29SM and Su-57
1: Place down f22 (playable)
2: Spawn enemy Su57 or MiG29SM 25km away and give him a waypoint to you
3: Play
I noticed that vanilla Aim-120/R77 are way less immune (although nerfed with recent update) to countermeasures, while a 120D just needs a 10 flare burst to defeat. So maybe if the reason for the low radar zoom is that you are SUPPOSED to only shoot at 3km or less, you should make the missiles more efficient.
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just a note: UI with radar will be most likely removed at some point in favor of MFD radar which shows full range.
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tweaked some default radar values