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0004269AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-01 01:212018-10-07 12:23
0004269: Weird behavior with AK stock folding with optic and foregrip attachments.
The AK-74M (UKK) can mount an optic on the rear rails and a foregrip on the the front rails. The rifle cannot be folded while a foregrip or optic is mounted on these parts of the rifle. However, once the rifle is folded, these accessories can be mounted on the folded variant. The folded variant cannot be unfolded while a foregrip or optic is mounted.

AKs with the front rails (Zentico variants) cannot be folded with an optic or foregrip attached. However, these accessories can be attached while the weapon is folded, including optics mounted using the side-mount rail system. Note that this differs from the behavior of rifles without the front rails, upon which you cannot affix an optic to the side-mount rail while the rifle is folded. (tested with AK-103 (Zenitco) )
Equip an AK-74M (UKK) with an optic and/or a foregrip attachment. Attempt to fold the butt stock. Unmount the foregrip and/or optic attachment. Fold the butt stock. Remount the attachments. Attempt to unfold the butt stock.
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