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Bad Tankman 
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0001712: Coaxial mg ammo bug
Just noticed bug, contacted with few other guys and they have the same. Its coaxial MG's - if you have few round left on magazine, shoot it, use cannon in same time (shoot, so both - MG and cannon will be reloading) you can use mg to shot only two rounds, then EVERYTIME after those two round MG will be reloading - very annoying issue.
Shoot out whole coaxial MG ammo, and furn to cannon and shoot it, wait till both weapons will be reloaded, use coaxial MG. Tested on Russian T-90A, but friends says its on Abrams, T-72 so propably it may be engine.
So far i didnt tested vanilla, but i know how it will end, if i report this to bohemia (around year of waiting for fix). Maybe some hack?
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arma bug
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ITS RHS bug propably :
http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=27774 [^]

Its happen random when using MG even when cannon is reloading (no MG reloading needed - discovered today).