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0000156: Vehicles (Wheeled) Damage
RHS 0.3.5
Extended armor is disabled.

Shooting with an AK-74M (5.45x39mm) at vehicles turrets causes massive damage.
About 30 rounds will destroy the turret/main weapon.

When using AGM-Mod some vehicles will even explode. Would be great to see compatibility between the 2 mods.

BTR-60PB (MSV), BTR-70 (MSV), BTR-70 (VDV), BTR-80 (MSV), etc.(?)

Source: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184842-RHS-Escalation-%28AFRF-and-USAF%29-Release-0-3-5-%28UPDATED%29&p=2858668&viewfull=1#post2858668 [^]

Also the wheels are taking damage quickly, if you drive through hard terrain, is this for realness? I don't know how much they can handle in real life.
I think the wheels also are taking damage much faster, when AGM-Mod is activated, too.

Regards :)
1.Place russian soldier (AK-74M)
2.Place BTR-70 (MSV),BTR-60PB (MSV),BTR-70 (VDV),BTR-80 (MSV), etc.(?)
3.Shoot the turrets/main weapon

1.Drive through hard terrain for quick wheel damage.
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2015-01-17 02:04   
(edited on: 2015-01-17 02:06)
Uhm I've been testing it, and after AK emptying magazines in the turret I managed to disable the turret mobility but no damage besides that.

We'll take a look on the turret mobility thing tho.

I'll ask our researchers on the wheels thingy.

Thanks for the report.

2015-01-17 03:16   
(edited on: 2015-01-17 03:23)

I compared it to the Vanilla Hunter-HMG and Vanilla Strider-HMG and there's no difference to RHS content. Hunter needs ~ 60 shots, Strider ~ 30 shots.

Maybe it's realistic to cause such damage to the turret with a rifle, I don't know.

For the exploding BTRs issue, when AGM-Mod is activated, I'll open a ticket on their fbtracker.

Thank you.

Edit: Topic already existing https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/issues/1962 [^]

2015-01-17 17:59   
None of 5-8mm caliber should penetrate turret armor, and as it is, its penetrating, and main gun is useless after shooting to turret :(