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0005499Server[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-02-10 05:142020-02-19 21:50
Assigned Toreyhard 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformOSOS Version
Summary0005499: Server Errors
DescriptionHi I just got me a server and your RHS packs are in there but they are not wanting to comply with me we will say. Ive been getting this error in the log the past couple of times and i need to know what to do to fix this problem? Like is there a certain Order they have to be in?

Additional Information=====================================================================
== arma3server_x64.exe
== "arma3server_x64.exe" -ip= -port=2322 -steamPort=2323 -noPause -noSound -enableHT -maxMem=8192 -loadMissionToMemory -world=empty -config=default.cfg -profiles= -mod=";@450814997;@843425103;@843577117;@843632231;"@764848181;
Original output filename: Arma3Retail_Server_x64
Exe timestamp: 2019/11/11 15:08:30
Current time: 2020/02/10 04:12:19
Type: Public
Build: Stable
Version: 1.96.146114
Allocator: Dll\tbb4malloc_bi_x64.dll [2017.0.0.0] [2017.0.0.0]
PhysMem: 256 GiB, VirtMem : 131072 GiB, AvailPhys : 18 GiB, AvailVirt : 131072 GiB, AvailPage : 40 GiB
 4:12:19 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible!
 4:12:19 Initializing stats manager.
 4:12:19 Stats config disabled.
 4:12:19 sessionID: 3d5dfd0628f764bd94502acb61cbeb1d55cfd456
 4:12:23 Unsupported language English in stringtable
 4:12:23 Unsupported language English in stringtable
 4:12:28 Warning Message: Addon 'rhssaf_main' requires addon 'rhsusf_main_loadorder'
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Attached Files? file icon arma3server_x64_2020-02-10_11-15-50.rpt [^] (12,549 bytes) 2020-02-10 13:27

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reyhard (administrator)
2020-02-10 07:56

what is hiding behind ;"@764848181 ? Can you provide full .rpt?
TerraAtlus (reporter)
2020-02-10 13:29

Its been uploaded and ive been going back and forth with the server supports and they could figure it out either but they also made changes and still doesnt work. Here is the last message of what they said:

Hi Austin.

The .RPT he is requesting can be downloaded in the file manager. It is the log file. See here: http://prntscr.com/r04pz6 [^] ive also attached the latest one here
I can see the issue with the mod you reference as we have mentioned this a few times in this ticket. Mods need to be enclosed in either a -mods="" or -servermods=""

The server mod @764848181; was not enclosed. See here: http://prntscr.com/r04pcx [^] I've changed this now.

IT is still referenced as a missing addon.

11:16:03 Warning Message: Addon 'rhsgref_main' requires addon 'rhsusf_main_loadorder'

Hopefully, the developer can guide you with their mod as they know it better than we do :)

Best regards,
reyhard (administrator)
2020-02-10 14:20

You are most likely missing. I cannot tell what mods are you running since @843593391 (and similar) doesn't tell me anything.
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117 [^]

Try also disabling other mods because it could be some mod conflict. Another thing could be corruption of downloaded mod. In this case, you have to download it again, and again, and again till thing is fully validated. For more help, you can ask Steam support.

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