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0004271USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-01 14:242018-08-01 14:25
Assigned Toreyhard 
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.4.6 
Summary0004271: AI Bradley IFV can't hit TOW missile against moving target
DescriptionThe problem basically is that by default, the RHS Bradley's AI is using top-attack mode, which requires locking into the target before launching the missiles.

Apparently RHS Bradley's use the same missile mechanics as the AAF Gorgon, launching a salvo of 2 missiles. The difference is that the Gorgon, first locks into the target, hitting it, while RHS's Bradley's, don't, always missing the target.
Steps To ReproduceCreate an AI T-72 (or any other tank) moving, perpendicularly to the Bradley and with Behavior Careless/Force Hold Fire and within missile range.

My test the T-72 is 1km away, moving slow, perpendicularly to the Bradley, which is crewed by AI. The Bradley detects the target and fires a salvo of 2 TOW missiles, all of which misses the target.

Do the same test with the Gorgon, and it hits the target.

Additional InformationThere are other things in this particular scenario that requires attention.

First and most striking is the fact that there is no fire-and-forget TOW missiles (no need to lock in) and second is that the top-attack variant of the TOW, different from the Javelin or the Hellfire missiles, which flies up, acquires the target, and then flies down, the BGM-71F, just like the NLAW, just follows a direct flight profile and explodes on top of the turret. That's all.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbqgOuqC2jY [^]

The next issue is that the Bradley is launching a salvo of TOW missiles, which is wrong. The TOW needs to be guided (wired/wireless) into the target, so it should launch only one missile at a time.

The last issue is regarding the Bradley's views. Since there is no full interior for the crew of this vehicle (except the driver), the view should be locked to the optics/mirror periscopes instead. Currently it allows for free-looking into the interior which is not modeled.
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