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0003180USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-04-04 14:122017-09-25 19:27
Assigned Toreyhard 
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.4.3 
Summary0003180: Gunner sight not moving with turret after commander "Watch" command.
DescriptionIn t-72 and t-80 commander can turn turret to the point he sees by command watch (default key Left Alt). But while turret moving, gunner sight do not and at some point starts to look insight turret.
If gunner is AI then it works as intended.
Steps To Reproduce1.Place any t-80 in editor only with commander and start mission.
2.Turn cupola in any direction more than 30 degrees.
3.Command to watch.
4.After turret stops change sit to gunner and see that sight is still watching forward relative to hull
Additional InformationAlso turret rotation indicator after first "Watch" command do not moving turret indicator to commander indicator but vice versa.
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Is it a wish/request?No
Arma 3 version1.68
Did you used any other mod when the error occurred?No
Which mods?
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MADBUG (reporter)
2017-04-04 14:14

by mistake placed it to USAF section
reyhard (administrator)
2017-06-12 19:19

could you provide some .rpt from dedicated server? I though, I know what is the issue but on local lan & our dedicated server it seems to working fine - yet I had such thing once randomly in the past so I'm wondering, if it's more reproducible for you
MADBUG (reporter)
2017-06-12 22:32

I first saw this issue on a community server, but it have many other mods. Last time it happened there a few days ago. Me and a gunner were in t-72 and I tried to setup my TFAR radio and pressed ALT. Turret turned to my direction and gunner could do nothing with that. He couldn't fix it until he get out, i sat at gunner position and pressed T to fix that.
After your post reyhard i tried it in Editor and at local DS. Bug always happens in both situations
Here's rpt of client and server of local DS try
https://pastebin.com/Xcb9z4RJ [^]
https://pastebin.com/idXT63E9 [^]
reyhard (administrator)
2017-06-13 18:59

windows dedicated server?
MADBUG (reporter)
2017-06-13 21:34
edited on: 2017-06-13 21:36

yes but i am connecting to it from local address as you can see in RPT and i don't realy know how it affects server behaviour to client.

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