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0006427SAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-07-05 13:592021-08-01 09:43
0006427: Very high dispersion values on M70 and M21 rifles + Scorpion and RPK-74M weirdness
Data taken from config viewer, using RHS only (conversion from BI wiki - 1 mil = 0.001 dispersion):
- all M70 rifles and M21A have dispersion values of 0.0021 (giving us 7.2 MOA). M70s should problably be in line with current AKMs, and M21A should be even more accurate, given that it fires 5.56 and has an 18 inch barrel
- M21S has an insane value of 0.00325, giving us 11 MOA. The barrel is shorter, but it's still ~ 15 inches, so it probably shouldn't be the least accurate gun in the mod.

I am not familiar with real world performance of the M21 rifles, but comparing them to other 5.56 RHS guns, the A variant would probably fit somewhere around 3 MOA, with S variant at around 3.5 MOA.

Other issues:
- There seems to be a massive difference in accuracy between SAF and GREF Scorpion (0.0005 (1.7 MOA) vs 0.0029 (10 MOA), with the second one being a bit more sensible I think ;) ).
Must have misread the value for RPK, it seems to have dispersion of 0.0009 (3 MOA).
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are you using some other mods?
2021-07-05 14:54   
(edited on: 2021-07-05 14:59)
No, while I did notice those in ACE Arsenal, I double checked the config values with only the RHS mods loaded. I checked the dispersion values in the config viewer under the CfgWeapons/{weapon_name}/Single (I believe that's the right one?)