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0000059: Undefined selection - goggle lens in distant LODs
G'day team,

I reported this one in the BI Forum thread a while back, but just to ensure it's been stomped...

All units wearing goggles have a floating goggle lens in one of the distant LODs - it would appear that the lens has not been allocated the "head" selection.


Russian crew - http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e265/CameronMcDonald/RussianCrewBug.jpg [^]

American crew - http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e265/CameronMcDonald/USCrewBug.jpg [^]
1. Open the editor, place any unit wearing goggles down. Make the unit prone for easier differentiation.

2. Walk backwards and/or zoom out until the floating lens is seen.
Steps to fix:

1. Open all P3Ds of helmets with goggles.

2. Select the "head" selection on each LOD and check to see that everything is defined (I suggest slightly dragging the selected parts - anything undefined will not move).

3. Once the defective LOD is found, ensure the lens is selected along with the rest of the helmet, then redefine the "head" selection.
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2014-12-13 10:19   
It was solved long ago. The fix will be in the next patch.

Thank you for the report.