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0005081: No way to carry javelin missiles.
The javelin missiles are too big to fit in a rucksack or vest (atleast the common ones).

This means that it's not possible to pick up javelin ammo, unless you have the launcher.

Possible solutions:
1) Cheat - reduce mass so that it fits inside a rucksack

2) Make a javelin bag. Add a script action to load a javelin bag on the floor into the launcher as a magazine.

3) Make the javelin missile a launcher and make the javelin launcher a pistol. Same as (2) otherwise. I tried changing the launcher to a pistol and it broke it, so I dunno about this.

4) The ACE2 method - make the tube a launcher weapon and make the CLU a magazine that is loaded into it.

5) Funky method - make both the launcher and the missile secondaryWeapons. When opening inventory when you have a CLU, use a script to replace the weapon with a magazine, and then reverse this when closing inventory. I tried this and it works quite well, but there are some problems with removing weapons from cargo that mess stuff up - in the end not a good solution.
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2019-06-25 18:51   
Carryalls and Bergens are big enough. Multican and UCP (ush) available for carryall (MTP and Urban) and multicam (ush) available for Bergen.

Immediate fix is to use one of these rucks, or similar for javelin assistants (they currently spawn with a bag too small to hold the jav missile, although it is forced in there all the same)