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0005005: Flecktarn of the new Gorka 1 clashes with the other Flecktarn equipment
The Flecktarn pattern of the new Gorka 1 looks a lot less saturated than the Flecktarn equipment that is already in the mod [M93 (Flecktarn); PASGT (Flecktarn)] which causes them to clash visually. Would be nice to have visual consistency in that regard.

Equip new Gorka 1 (Flecktarn) and the older PASGT (Flecktarn) to compare.
The Flecktarn pattern of the new Gorka 1 is arguably to closest to the real Flecktarn pattern and most consistent with other mods using Flecktarn, while the "old" Flecktarn used with GREF stuff tends to be too bright.
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Can probably do the "PASGT" helmet soon, but re-texturing the M93 uniform (which the helmet was originally textured to match)isn't something that we will be able to do any time soon.

The sticking point is that the .psd I have, has no dirt layers and I might have a problem trying to re-use the olive pants since I only have the .paa (and that will re-compress if I take the olive pants from a .paa and save).
So it could end up with having to do a lot more reworking of existing uniforms to get everything visually consistent.