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0000049AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-12-06 20:102015-01-03 00:16
0000049: Russian periscopes sights bug IMPORTANT
heres so annoyiong bug when you are on gunners seat in any of T-series tank or btr-80 and press right mouse button, then get to 1st person view. All periscopes will be zoomed and sight wil be bugged.
Get in :
Any of T-72
Any of T-80
Turn 3rd person view
Press right mouse button (zooming in)
Get 1st person view/sight view
Cycle through sights to periscopes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNUEoO3ABRw&feature=youtu.be [^]
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has duplicate 0000048closed Soul_Assassin Russian vehciles sights / periscopes bug IMPORTANT!!!! 
has duplicate 0000044closed Soul_Assassin T-72 Sights 
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2014-12-07 02:48   
Severity reduced due to bug only occurring in fast switching back and forth of modes or overtapping. Under normal operation not observed.
2014-12-07 18:53   
But most of users are using trd person view to look around and to see something in arma engine you need to zoom in (push right mouse button - better rendering objects) and fast action require to often switch camera, so its very important to fix/change this as high priority
2014-12-11 11:26   
And in Sprut there is strange grain efect on camera, after using NV sight.
In t-72 there should barrel of main gun visible like in all other vehicles - it will give better view of size of tank - helpful for example on tigh streets where you can crash your barrel to some building
2015-01-02 23:37   
Should be better now. I stopped getting this bug.