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0004728USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-11-14 18:212018-11-14 18:21
0004728: When the gunneroptics 50x of the M1 tank is enlarged, the stressle is deflected to the left.
m1 gunneroptics
If you zoom to 50x, there is a problem where the stress is not centered and tilted to the left, which does not hit at long range shooting (3200-4990m). Although this distance is difficult to hit due to the variance, alignment of the aiming points and shooting at them will result in a lateral group.

I'm sorry I keep asking, but please. Please fix this too. I love RHS. I respect the RHS moders who are hard to modify.

p.s: The bug that I uploaded last time seems to be a problem to solve by just moving the gun back.
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