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0004597AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-16 06:292018-12-03 17:24
0004597: Mi-8 banks left in hover mode (AFM only)
When using the hover mode with any of the Mi-8 models the helicopter has a strong tendency to bank left. It can be compensated or trimmed. However when disbling the hover mode the pilot has then quickly disble the trimming otherwise the helicopter banks hard right. Makes sling loading very tricky compared to other helicopters.
This does not happen because of wind. No matter from where the wind is blowing or wind is off the Mi-8 is always banking left and only in hover mode.
Happens when playing as pilot or co-pilot.
This happens only in Advanced Flight Model. Standard flight model is fine.
Otherwise Mi-8 AFM is great! Very nice and challenging to fly.
Place Mi-8 model in editor
play as pilot or co-pilot with AFM
spool up engines
enable hover mode
increase collective until lift off
observe Mi-8 banking left
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2018-09-17 17:40   
Thank you for your kind words and the report. I will be fixing the autohover behavior ASAP.
2018-12-03 17:24   
Helicopter now more correctly centered with hover hold assist enabled. Manual pedal input is still required, however. This is a limitation of the autohover controls.

Have a safe flight!