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0004194: PSO-1 on SVD: Chevrons for 1100-1300m
Weapons: SVDM, SVDS, SVDM (Camo)
Attachment: PSO-1M2
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opw9W255ALY [^]

The 2nd 3rd and 4th Chevrons are not working properly on the PSO-1 Scope for 7.62x54R Weapons (SVD).

According to multiple sources the 3 lower chevrons are for 1100m 1200m and 1300m when the range is set to 1000m.
But when using the 2nd chevron while the scope is set to 1000m, you will miss targets at 1100m, instead the 2nd chevron works precisely for 1200m targets.
Using the 3rd chevron with 1000m will also miss targets for 1200m, instead you can precisely hit targets at 1400m.
4th chevron with 1000m doesn't seem to be for anything, which should be for 1300m targets.


Each chevron needs 150m less zeroing to hit the target after 1000m
1100m target @ 850m zeroing 2nd ^ chevron
1200m target @ 700m zeroing 3rd ^ chevron
1300m target @ 550m zeroing 4th ^ chevron
1. Equip any SVD
2. Equip the PSO-1M2 Optical Sight
3. Set your scope to 1000m
4. Find Targets at 1100m, 1200m or 1300m
5. Use the 2nd (^) chevron for 1100m targets
6. Use the 3rd (^) chevron for 1200m targets
7. Use the 4th (^) chevron for 1300m targets
8. Watch yourself missing the Targets
"The three lower chevrons in the center are used as hold over points for engaging area targets beyond 1,000 meters (the maximum BDC range setting on the elevation drum). The user has to set the elevation turret to 1,000 meters and then apply the chevrons for 1,100, 1,200 or 1,300 meters respectively."

The PKP with PSO-1 is similar innaccurate for those chevrons, but still more accurate than the SVD's
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