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Mr Mack 
nonemajorhave not tried
All 4 RHS
0004088: Russia Tanks crew are bad at aimming
Doing seaching more glitch/bug i notice that Russia tanks crew will always miss the targets

But Americans M1s do hit a target very well

I test like 12 russia Tanks again 4 M1s but all of them either destroyed or disabled

Even when i command one of russia tanks the AI are bad at aiming when order fire and miss
Go to any of maps
Spawn at least 12 Russia tanks again 4 or 5 M1s
Then watch what happens

https://prnt.sc/j4htzi [^]
https://prnt.sc/j4hu1n [^]
https://prnt.sc/j4hu32 [^]
https://prnt.sc/j4hu4z [^]
Even GREF own T-72 and T-80 will always miss the targets(Few of them do hit a targets)
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