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0003776AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-11-12 01:292018-03-18 18:49
all rhs mods and cba
0003776: Vehicles have Afterburner after crashing with Mig-29
Crashing (and dying) with mig-29 causes choppers to have afterburner both from RHS and Vanila. Effects are canceled after restarting server ... respawning again doesnt fix the problem. Could not test to see if only dying (without crashing) causes the same issue as the glass window seams to be imposible to penetrate by a vanila .50cal MG, but forcing respawn while in the jet will cause the same problem. Issue is present in both and 0.4.4

https://imgur.com/zuB2iB6 [^]

https://imgur.com/o46rs0M [^]

https://imgur.com/xlp11mR [^]

EDIT: jesus I think it works on tanks aswell:

https://imgur.com/38mbBXP [^]
-Crash with mig-29 (i did crash in an unnarmed UH-1 on a custom mission for zeus, but it seams that it doesnt matter aslong as you die in the Mig),respawn, take any chopper press shift and enjoy the speed
will upload mission pbo as i did not have the chance to do it on other mission.

EDIT: it works on Liberation aswell
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? zeus.Altis.pbo (8,874) 2017-11-12 01:29
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