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0003770: CH-47F veichle loading
so firstly I really enjoy the good quality RHS mods and they have brought hours of joy, recently I have noticed that you have made the CH-47F able to float on water which is brilliant as it it makes the heli more realistic due to the irl engine positions making it unique enough to "dip" into the water however I have tried to load the apex dinghy into the back as small boats can ride into the back irl.... (not commonly done but still has been done before) now the boat goes in the back fine but upon taking off with the boat it explodes I'm by no means experienced in mod designing but was wondering if there was a was of the pilot being able to scroll wheel a lock condition locking the boat in place? that really would help out of a gamenight I have planned..... this video would be recored and put onto youtube with credits to which mode were used as I say I really appreciate the work you have done into producing such amazing quality mod and really would love to see this feature for small "able" veichles to be loaded into the CH-47F
tried several attempts.... loading the boat in, using the hook/unhook option thinking that wold work... still no luck
sorry if you struggle with my description I have dyslexia and babble a bit in short thanks for the great med can the the CH-47F load the rubber dinghy from apex and lock in place by pilot scroll wheel as a feature in the future ... many thanks for reading
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2017-11-13 17:20   
can I get some feedback???
2017-11-16 13:47   
closing ramp also locks cargo - could you try doing that?
2017-11-16 21:38   
yes I assume that you are talking about it being similar to the c130 where you can drive a vic in and it locks automatically.... its not having any of it on the ch47. my assumption is because its a boat???
2017-11-17 08:28   
ah, yeah, that was it! Script was restricted to objects and land & air vehicles. Extended it to boats as well
2017-11-21 02:16   
do you know when this will become available?