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0003766USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-11-10 12:232017-11-10 13:29
0003766: MBAV Grenadier body armor offers no protection compared to other MBAV vests
After the introduction of the MBAV vests with 4.3 I noticed the MBAV Grenadier vest can't withstand any body shots to the center of the vest. Other MBAV vests can take several bullets before death.

Issue still current through and 0.4.4.
Use any weapon (tested with RHS M4 series), shoot to center mass of MBAV Grenadier vest in Virtual Arsenal or in a mission.

Test against other vests. MBAV Grenadier vest will result in one shot deaths, others will not.

Tested with only RHS USAF loaded.
Issue likely only noticeable for players taking armor from arsenal since its unlikely to be encountered on AI units when you consider the MARSOC units only recently (I believe) got a Grenadier unit with 4.3 and isn't actually included with the premade element or team.

Wishful sidenote not worth a new ticket, consider reorganizing/adding premade MSOT elements to include Grenadier and/or maybe a, currently non-existant, operator with an M136. There's a number of videos and pictures of MARSOC operators using both weapon systems in combat and training. Seems unusual to have them exclusively be rifleman in a game like Arma where vehicles are a likely threat but to have the MSOT Elements include a "mechanic".
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