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0003764USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-11-09 23:562017-11-20 17:52
Project OPFOR, Ares, CUP maps, CBA,
0003764: Wrong/missing italian translation
After the introduction of the italian language i noticed that a lot of items aren't translated and a big part of the translated ones is wrong or misleading(literal traduction, google translate style).
Whenever the game is started in italian language.
This happens also for your others projects. Having some experience in the sector and being italian i'd like to help with these translations.
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Umm can you be a bit more specific? Maybe throw in a few examples?
2017-11-10 01:00   
Sure thing, lookin at the headgear list you may notice that their colour is still in english (press should be stampa, forest should be foresta/boschivo, white should be bianco) and some occasional typos (ballistico should be balistico) and all the US helmets are still in english.
In the weapon page at first glance i notice the followings: td impugnatura should be impugnatura td (in italian we have a different way to build phrases), the m4 carryhandle sometimes is translated in the right way (maniglia) and sometimes it isn't (manico), there is an extra L in magpull (m4 with magpul moe stock).
In the uniform page i can see: errors like mountain flora becoming flora di montagna instead of flora montana, missing translations in all the US gear.
Missing translations also in the unit's name like breacher is still the same.
I could go on for a long time but i think it's unnecessary.