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Sputnik Monroe 
0003728: M113 couple small visual glitches
Building a mission in the editor using several M113s, in my testing I've run across two small visual problems.

1. When the driver dies in any variant of the M113, his death animation is a prone lying face down animation. This causes parts of his body to clip through parts of the chassis and look strange.

2. When checking the box in the attributes menu to hide the IFF panels, they do correctly disappear from the model up close, however when viewing from various distances they randomly appear and disappear again.
1. For the driver death animation issue, simply place an m113 with a driver in the editor and set both their health to 0.

2. For the IFF panel issue, place an M113 in the editor, right click and go to it's attributes and make sure the option is set to hide the IFF panel. Launch the mission and enter splendid cam or spectate. Pan the camera around the M113 and zoom in and out, the panel will appear and reappear at certain zoom distances and angles.
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I did a bit more testing on the IFF panel pop up, and it seems like this issue might only exist on the M113A3 (M240) version. I cannot recreate it on the M113 (ammo) or the Horizon Defense force M113 (M2)

A further note it seems like the IFF when hidden on the M240 version pops into view at the same distance every time. I'm bad at judging distance, but I'll estimate between 50 and 100 meters.