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0003727: Increasing gunner's spatial awareness in sensor pod
Sometimes in the little birds when gunning, the ability to divine the direction of the pod in relation to an evasive maneuvering helicopter can be problematic. I suggest two things from A10 DCS, the 'dot' on the TGP, and the compass.

The dot on the TGP moves around the screen and indicates where the tgp is pointed in relation to the plane, where the crosshairs are the plane. So a dot in the center is dead center below, top of the screen is far forward into infinity.

Additionally, the compass rose in the top right helps determine where north is from the direction of view. Dyslexi has something that's at the center of the crosshairs

Having one or both in the little bird's sensor pod would really help gunner's spatial awareness.
https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/images/products/warthog/TGP.jpg [^]
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