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0003625AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-10-12 09:512017-10-12 09:51
0003625: Grouping for all RHS factions
request Grouping of Mortar teams for RHS. Also Drone team would be helpful as well but Mortar teams would be good.
There is a lack of premade groups of mortar teams in RHS as a whole regardless of factions. There are individual mortars that can be spawned with crew but no Mortars that are packed up in a unit's backpack that is a part of a preset group.
why is this an issue at all. The popular mod ALiVE only recognizes groups and if groups do not contain any assets then your content may never be seen by communities that use ALiVE unless they specifically go out of their way to produce them in editor or Zeus. How could this matter at all? The advancements being made with the AI of the game allow for AI to automatically use equipment that is be carried. If the AI is part of a 3 man mortar team, a spotter, a squad lead, and the operator, with the operator carrying the mortar then they would be able to use that and be spawned by ALiVE.
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