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0003498AFRF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-09-17 21:042017-09-21 09:28
0003498: Add a transition delay for seat switching in armored vehicles.
currently when a crew member is in an armored vehicle he can switch seat instantly, and can drive then a second after fire the main gun.

To access from a driver seat to another turret seat is quite complicated due to the narrowness of the interieur space.

so the idea is to add a delay between any seat switch. maybe 10 seconds, to simulate the time required to effectively be ready to use another seat functions.

example : you are alone in a t72 as driver. you need to use the main gun without getting out from the vehicle (you use the small access joining the driver seat to the turret.

in your mouse menu you select the gunner seat. a message appears. :

[hint message] switching seat...
10s later
[hint message] you switched seat positions.
in mission editor test some armored you can see an instant magical seat switch.
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