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0003493USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-09-16 22:232017-09-16 22:27
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0003493: ASV 117 turret/gunner and/or commander position disappears
Both times I have used it in multiplayer scenario now the ASV gunner and commander position has stopped being enterable. It vanishes from the vehicle and cannot be accessed internally or externally from any direction or other vehicle position.
Cannot reproduce in armory unclear why. 2 for 2 however in this occuring in multiplayer scenario play.

It is possible it is related to AI or other human player squadmates entering or exiting the vehicle.

That would explain why it cannot be recreated in the solo armory.
It IS possible this is the result of a mod conflict.

Most likely culprit is CUP Vehicles ACE patch, since CUP Vehicles mod is not loaded that could cause problems. Was subscribed to in error.

May need to wait for other reports of this same issue from other users before moving forwards.
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