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0003362USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-17 03:172017-06-17 03:17
0003362: 5.56mm weapons don't accept red or green reload tracer magazines
Weapons that use 5.56mm magazines cannot be loaded with red or green reload tracer magazines from the vanilla game. This bug seems to apply to the following weapons (basically all 5.56mm weapons) as well as most if not all their variants:

- HK416
- M16A4
- M27
- M4
- M4A1
- MK 18 Mod 1
1. Load up the Virtual Arsenal or editor.
2. Equip a unit with a weapon that accepts 5.56mm magazines.
3. Add red or green reload tracer (not full tracer) magazines to the unit.
4. Try to load the weapon with these magazines.
There appears to be no issue with these weapons accepting yellow reload tracer magazines or full tracer magazines that are also from the vanilla game.
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