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0003218: MH-6M won't land and "load" infantry
Giving MH-6M a "LOAD" waypoint and syncing it to a "GET IN" waypoint of an infantry team won't do anything, the Heli will get to the "Load" waypoint location and than will continue to the other waypoints without doing nothing, iv'e tried it with the Vanilla MH-9 and everything seemed to work fine with no issues,
Give a "LOAD" waypoint to a MH-6M and sync it to a "Get IN" waypoint of any infantry unit, watch the heli fly over the "LOAD" waypoint and do nothing
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2017-04-19 14:14   
can you attach to this ticket some simple repro mission?
2017-04-19 19:02   

I attached a Mission comparing MH-6M and the Vanilla MH-9 Hummingbird picking up infantry and moving to a far away waypoint

- Both helicopters have the same Waypoints "Load" and "Move"
- Both "Load" waypoints are synced to the "Get In" waypoint of the infantry team

Thank you
2017-06-01 14:25   
(edited on: 2017-06-01 14:26)
did you put a helipad close to the team location ? and the MH-6m can load only 5 units how many units are in that group ? you can force the heli to land if that dosent work try this script: this land"land";

2017-11-13 10:35   
it's arma issue with vehicles which have only FFV cargo seats - Taru (Bench) variant has same issue so you might try to create ticket on Arma 3 Feedback tracker so it might be fixed in a game. Workaround would be creating one non FFV seat for that MH6M variant so transportSoldier parameter is larger than 0 but I'm not sure if original author of MELB approves such change.

In the end, it would be better if thing like that could be fixed in arma itself