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0002963: Mi-24 low fps - performance problem
Hi Red Hammer,

I'm a user of ARMA 3 and I'm playing the lastest version of RHS (from steam). I downloaded all the packs and I want to report the following bug:

The helicopter Mi-24 (hind) has a notorious low performance compared with the rest of the helicopters. When you enter the chopper and you start flying, the fps go down and the image freezes constantly. This issue was absent in previous versions like 0.35. So I guess that something was added to the mi-24 during the last patches and that is producing this FPS drop issue.

It's the only helicopter presenting this. I tested the rest and they are ok.

Thank you very much for your support.
Amazing job with this awesome mod.

Kind regards,
Matias Montaldo (Argentina)

Enter any mi-24 chopper in the mission editor and just fly it. This happens with any graphic configuration (with V-sync or not).
I tested the bug with no 3rd party mods.
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