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0001618USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-12-24 18:052015-12-30 10:54
ACE, ACRE2, hlc AK/G3, leights opfor pack, rh_acc, ...
0001618: Both SR25s throw up an error in the inventory screen when a bipod is attached
As the title says, when a harris bipod is attached to an SR-25 and you open the inventory screen it throws up the following error:
"Picture \rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons2\sr25\data\gear\sr25ec_stu_ca.paa not found" if you attach a scope and a bipod. The error varies depending on how many attachments you have on the weapon, but the common attachment in all of them is the bipod.
Go into the arsenal, select any SR-25 variant, attach a harris bipod to it and open the inventory screen. This only happens once per mission.
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2015-12-25 12:36   
Can confirm.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Make sure that No Logs (-noLogs) parameter is disabled.
2. Go to Virtual Arsenal.
2. Take SR-25M or SR-25EC.
3. Attach Harris Bipod.
4. Open Inventory window.
5. Error pops up.

KAC SR-25M - rhs_weap_sr25
KAC SR-25EC - rhs_weap_sr25_ec
Harris Bipod - rhsusf_acc_harris_bipod

Arma 3 (1.54.133741, STABLE)
@RHSUSAF (v0.4.0.1)