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0001421: Gaz-66 R-142 deployment of aerial issue
Hi there....the Russian Comms UAZ truck...to initialise the aerial system with no player input. To "spawn" it with the aerial masts up.

 I tried the Code I found online but doesn't work [_gaz,1] spawn rhs_fnc_gaz66_radioDeploy; //deploy

this doesn't work

I also tried

[_gaz,1] spawn rhs_fnc_gaz66_radioDeploy; Init: Local variable in local space
gaz,1 spawn rhs_fnc_gaz66_radioDeploy; Init: Missing ;
gaz1 spawn rhs_fnc_gaz66_radioDeploy; Named unit gaz1 It says Init: Type Script: expected Nothing

So I am at a loss
Hope this helps
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my comment fubar so once again:

[_gaz,1] spawn rhs_fnc_gaz66_radioDeploy;

 Init: Local variable in local space

https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Variables [^]

you can't use local variables in vehicle init, and above example was meant to be used within scripts. use global variable instead

_ - that indicates local variable

nil=[nameOfgaz,1] spawn rhs_fnc_gaz66_radioDeploy;