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0001362USAF[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-11-10 10:062015-11-10 13:13
0001362: Volume between inside and outside of a vehicle makes hearing shots outside too difficult
Engine and driving sounds inside a vehicle (i.e. humvee) are too loud (expecially when the vehicle is revving up), and in contrast outside noises are too attenuated so that in order to speak normally with people inside the vehicle you have to turn the effect sounds down, but external sounds (namely AK shots) cant be heard at all if further than 50m and you know you are getting fired at when and if you see tracers blazing.

I would like noise attenuation lowered in order to increase hearing from inside the vehicle and the inside noises lowered in order not to fatigue players' ears from driving.
* place a full covered humvee on a road or hard surface (i usually use stratis AF)
* place a few opfor soldiers along the runway
* run down the runway at full speed
*pass from 1st to 3rd person to appreciate the difference in volume

* place a full covered humvee on a stratis road
* drive for 5-10 minutes
* get annoyed by the loud engine noise volume
i understand that in order to get a sweet spot both engine noise volume and outside noise attenuation must be tweaked, but i somehow feel that attenuating the engine's noise volume would probably do the most of the job.

just to be clear, this is not a problem for people talking to each other, but a problem of ear's fatigue and in discerning threats outside the vehicle while travelling.
attenuation, noise, vehicle
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Bad Tankman   
2015-11-10 13:00   
Loudnes of engine should be loud, its not futurealistic vehicles as irfit (vanilla). Engine sounds are good to me.
2015-11-10 13:11   
you KNOW they are this loud, or are you just happy because you expect them to be this loud?
Bad Tankman   
2015-11-10 13:13   
I'm happy i can hear the engine ;)